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    Piccadilly Grand is a highly anticipated mixed used development located in mature estate, Farrer Park

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    The upcoming new launch condo, Piccadilly Grand will be the most sought-after residence outside of City Centre because of its ideal location along the City Center corridor and the variety of distinctive features it will feature as a mixed-use development. For both Singaporeans and tourists, Piccadilly Grand is expected to be a sought-after landmark residence. 

    A range of shopping alternatives, including City Square Mall and Mustafa Center as well as an integrated medical centre and the Connexion hotel complex, can be found within a short distance of the site.

    Piccadilly Grand by renowned CDL and MCL

    As one of Singapore’s leading developers of large-scale integrated mixed-use and high-end residential projects, CDL & MCL has a long history of success.  Piccadilly Grand by CDL & MCL is a creative ‘Live, Work and Play’ concept with an emphasis on green sustainable lifestyles in Singapore’s heartland and city centre. People who live in the Farrer Park region may look forward to an exciting new residential and lifestyle destination that includes cafes, bars, and restaurants. Located in the heart of London, Piccadilly Grand is the ideal location for both work and entertainment. A new landmark is in the making thanks to this opulent new home.

    Piccadilly Grand is at Northumberland Road in Farrer Park

    When completed, Piccadilly Grand will be an iconic integrated residence that exemplifies what beautiful modern living of the future will look like. A new lifestyle concept, including shopping, F&B, retail, as well as a baby care and child care centre, is included in the development’s 407 luxurious properties.

    Piccadilly Grand’s enviable location, with direct access to the Farrer Park MRT station, gives residents a front-row seat to the vibrant Farrer Park cultural district. The important Farrer Park MRT – North-East Line (NEL), which has direct stops to Harbourfront in the west and Dhoby Ghaut in the City Centre, makes connecting to the city a cinch for commuters. There will be a large and upscale user base for Piccadilly Grand’s residential and retail components.

    With the Piccadilly Grand location, you can heighten the thrill of being part of a thriving community, where people study, play, work, and live together. In a thoughtfully planned sustainable environment, residents can look forward to engaging connections and living their best lives. In addition, residents may look forward to living in a green home with a generous nature-scape that brings harmony to their concrete interiors. In the midst of the chaos of Singapore’s metropolis, you and your family can retreat to your own private oasis of nature. The privileged homeowners will enjoy the magnificent cityscapes of preserved shop-houses and the attractive distant horizon.

    Why Piccadilly Grand?

    Piccadilly Grand, which would be connected to Farrer Park MRT Station through a sky-bridge on the 1st floor at Northumberland Road, will include up to 23 floors of residential and commercial space, with a total of roughly 407 condo units. Inspired by London’s iconic Piccadilly and Mayfair areas, the Piccadilly Grand will combine cutting-edge modern architecture with a classical European aesthetic.

    A mixed development of residential and commercial retail F&B, Piccadilly Grand’s location is ideal for either investment or personal use, as it is directly linked to the Farrer Park Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Little India, Singapore’s historic and vibrant heritage neighbourhood, is just a short walk away from Orchard Road, Raffles City, Singapore Management University, the National Library, and the CBD.

    A Full and Joyous Life

    Piccadilly Grand will provide all of the essentials of a decent life that make true well-being in the present day possible here. In the vicinity of the Piccadilly Grand plot, which measures 8732.9 square metres, you’ll find a wealth of historical, cultural, and conservation resources. Many events and festivals are planned, as well as a wide range of social and community projects. There will be a constant flow of excitement and enthusiasm for the city. Located in the heart of the city, it is a dynamic locality with a peaceful intercultural spirit both locally and internationally.

    Food and Shopping

    Farrer Park’s streets and malls are packed with shoppers looking for everything from fresh fruit at “Tekka” to jewellery and antiques. Despite its popularity as a tourist destination, Singapore nevertheless keeps its own appeal, and is one of the most vibrant and interesting parts of the world. Known for its wide range of gastronomic establishments, the Northumberland Road sector is a foodie’s dream come true. Many foodies think that South Asia’s regional cuisines are better than some of the best in the subcontinent. Aside from ethnic Indian eateries, visitors to the area can take a culinary tour of the world without ever having to leave. 

    Final Words on Piccadilly Grand

    In addition to having a vast variety of food and retail options at their fingertips, Piccadilly Grand residents and the surrounding area may enjoy a slew of nearby attractions, including City Square Mall, Tekka Market, Pek Kio Market, Mustafa Center, and the Little India Historic District. At the end of Q1 2022, Piccadilly Grand is projected to be ready for debut. 

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    How to Prepare Moving into a New Home

    For families, moving into a new home may be an exciting moment. However, it is loaded with possible dangers if you do not prepare ahead well. It’s the first step in establishing roots and starting over in your new town or city.

    If you’re not careful, it may also be one of the most stressful periods of your life. This blog article will teach you all you need to know about confidently and easily moving into a new home! While relocating may be stressful, there are certain measures you can do to ease the transition.

    Determine if the new home is move-in ready

    Realtors often claim that properties are “move-in ready,” but this is seldom the case. They’re just stating that in order to get rid of them and earn a profit! Although it may seem prudent, do not neglect this critical stage otherwise you risk moving into a home devoid of curtains and furnishings! After selecting a home from New Launch Portal for sale, you must ensure that it is move-in ready for your stay.

    Ascertain that you have the appropriate insurance

    Insurance for your home: Finally, be certain that your house is properly insured. If the previous owners had coverage, you may get a replacement insurance in your name. If you do not already have a policy, now is the time to get one. It would relieve your mind if anything happened to the home while you were gone.

    Insured appliances: The last thing you want is to lose all of your belongings or suffer significant damage as a result of the moving company you chose being uninsured. Ensure that you get insurance on everything you possess, especially large-ticket goods like furniture and appliances. While the expense of doing so may seem high, it will provide you with piece of mind.

    Prepare for your relocation in advance to prevent surprises or delays:

    Planning beforehand helps alleviate any tension you may have as moving day approaches. Plan your moving day in line with the arrival of the movers, and complete boxing all of your valuable items as well.

    Prepare your moving boxes in advance of the movers’ arrival so you’ll know what’s going into which room. Rather of packing everything in one box, arrange everything using labels to indicate where each item should go. It will help you avoid being overwhelmed by the job at hand and having to unpack everything once it is arrived.

    Box up your belongings: This may seem to be a little step, but it is critical. You don’t want to give away the rocking chair you purchased from an antique shop downtown just because you don’t have a place for it. Additionally, it will allow you to say goodbye to your old belongings and ensure that nothing vital is left behind. Arrange everything logically so that you understand what goes where and when.

    Maintain a record of your possessions: Take photographs of everything being moved and maintain an inventory record so that if anything is damaged or lost, you will have documentation of what was in your house. Additionally, you may download applications to your phone that assist in cataloguing your possessions, making the move-out process even more accessible. Don’t forget to photograph your current home to ease the transition into a new one if anything is destroyed during the move. Please photograph any furniture, appliances, and other necessary things before packing them.

    Employ movers: On moving days, it is critical to prevent injury and needless stress. Movers will ensure that your things arrive at their new home securely, promptly, and unscathed. They are experts! However, if you skip this step, you’ll be forced to transport everything yourself in your vehicle, which may result in serious damage. Find someone person to assist with the heavy lifting – it is not worth injuring yourself!

    Pack each item according to its significance: Remember to pack your valuables first, since they are easy to overlook while juggling the rest of your belongings: Birth certificates, picture albums, and family treasures are just a few examples. Ascertain that you have a key for the front door, garage entry, and any other doors that need one. Additionally, a second set of home keys is a smart idea, since they are prone to being misplaced. If someone else is with you on moving day, provide them with a key so they may assist with setup when they come early.

    Clean the home:

    Do not leave a mess. When packing up, ensure that you have thoroughly clean and clear the area and that you rinse the basins, washrooms, and toilets with basic cleaning liquid soaps.

    Electrical appliances and instruments: Before you move in, ensure that all of your appliances, including your washer and dryer, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, are connected. It is critical to immediately begin cooking and cleaning. That means it’s time to connect your refrigerator, oven, and washing. Ascertain that the washing machine and heater, if provided, are repaired. Ascertain that you understand how everything works!

    Connect the utilities: This is another critical stage since you will need access to power, gas, and the internet in order to live comfortably! If you skip this step, it may be days before you regain access to vital services, making life unpleasant and uncomfortable.

    In certain instances, reconnecting to services may also be costly. Cancel existing utility accounts and arrange for them to be moved to the new residence. This is a critical step in ensuring that you do not wind up having service in two locations. Additionally, it may assist in reducing the danger of identity theft. If you’re about to close on a home, call the local service providers to inform them of the change.

    While you are undoubtedly thrilled about moving into your new home, it is critical to maintain your wits about you and assist the movers in coordinating your shifting plan. Ascertain that you have addressed all of the minor aspects outlined in the preceding blog. Have a great time relocating!

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    Do you know? – Colour of your eyes affects your body size

    When your pupil contracts or expands, it seems as if the color of your eyes changes. For example, when the pupil expands, just a portion of the iris is visible, and the remaining iris appears darker.

    When the size of your pupil varies, the pigment in the iris contracts or expands. Altering the color of your eyes.

    When the pupil dilates, the pigment in the iris contracts and disperses, slightly changing the apparent eye color. When the pupil size varies, the pigments inside the pupil are squeezed and extended, slightly altering the eye color. Pupils may vary in size when the iris pigments expand and coalesce, resulting in a shift in eye color.

    You may have heard that when one is furious, one’s eyes darken, which is accurate. When you are pleased or furious, your eyes become more animated, and when you weep, they take on a crimson color that seems to make them brighter.

    Light reflects into the eyes

    Your eyes may seem brighter or darker depending on the color you are wearing. The colour of the eyes is defined by the reflected light from the blue, green, and hazelnut colored eyes and varies somewhat depending on the light circumstances.

    Under some lighting circumstances, the eyes seem violet, and red colors may be blended with bluish hues due to the light scattering phenomenon, the same reason the sky appears blue.

    The eye colour is determined by the amount of pigment present in the iris, a structure that surrounds the pupil and is referred to as the colorful portion of the eye. The color of a person’s eyes is determined by pigmentation in the iris structure, which is surrounded by a tiny black hole in the center of each eye (pupil) that aids with light management. On a continuum, the iris’s color varies from bright blue to dark brown.

    Green, blue, and grey eyes are those with the least amount of melanin in the iris. Individuals with brown eyes have about double the amount of melanin as those with brown eyes.

    This melanin is concentrated on the iris’s borders rather than in the center. Individuals with brown eyes have a higher concentration of melanin in their iris than those with blue eyes, which have less pigment (called melanins).

    When the brown tone becomes more dominant in babies’ eyes, the iris color changes due to the presence of a protein called melanin in the hair and skin. Brown eyes have a high concentration of melanin, which absorbs and darkens light.
    Melanin is produced by these cells, termed melanocytes, in reaction to light.

    Melanin-producing cells (called melanocytes) are generated when melanin is created by skin cells in response to light, i.e. As you develop, the amount of melanin in your pupils increases, darkening your eyes. Around 10-15% of Caucasian eyes change color as they age, and the pigment in the iris deteriorates.


    As previously stated, exposure to light stimulates the body’s production of melanin. The more light exposure your eyes get, the more melanin pigment is generated in the iris. Melanin production is triggered by exposure to sunlight, which is why extended sun exposure darkens the eyes.

    Your eyes may darken depending on your genetics. If you received this gene from your parents, your eyes are likely to be a similar hue to theirs.

    Scientists do not understand why specific individuals have eyes of a particular hue. Additionally, they are perplexed as to why some individuals have grey or hazelnut eyes or wear various colors.

    The color of your eyes is constrained by many genes that regulate melanin synthesis in the iris. A lower level of melanin in the iris results in brighter eye colors such as blue or green, while a higher level of melanin results in darker eye colors such as hazel or brown. Today, scientists have identified eight genes that contribute to the final eye color.

    While those with lighter eye colors are more sensitive to light due to less pigments in the iris to shield them from the sun, there is no evidence that eye color directly impacts vision quality such as visual acuity.

    According to a recent research, 62% of individuals with two copies of the blue-eyed gene and 75% of those with the brown-eyed gene variant had blue eyes.

    Controls genes

    This gene is often referred to as the redhead gene due to its predominant expression in individuals with red hair and green eyes. Areas harboring dopachrome tautomerase in hazel or green eyes and regions in brown eyes control the activity of this gene.

    Herc2, OCA2, and other genes involved in the synthesis of melanin, on the other hand, include areas that are associated with different eye colors5. MC1R includes areas associated with an increased risk of developing a green eye.

    Individuals with lighter brown and hazel skin tones may also exhibit incomplete dominance. The golden brown iris is a combination of eumelanin and pheomelanins, which results in a yellow hue in hazel and a variety of brown, green, blue, and green depending on the shade.

    The spectrum of eye color, from blue to hazelnut brown to brown (see figure 1), is determined by the amount of melanin stored in the melanosome, a bundle of melanocytes located in the iris, a muscular structure that regulates the amount of light that enters the eye.

    The more pigment in an iris and the denser its structure, the deeper the color, but whether a person’s eyes have the same amount of melanoma relies on a variety of variables, including genetic, ecological, and other factors.

    It is difficult to explain explicitly why two blue-eyed parents produce green and brown-eyed offspring, but according to the Davenport one-gene hypothesis, the combination of color alleles received by a kid results in a greater amount of melanin than both parents possess.

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    Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy

    The simplest method to prevent this greaseless fate is to skip washing your hair daily and instead lengthen your shower duration and use a decent dry shampoo. If having long hair requires you to shampoo and style it more frequently, this is detrimental to your hair’s health. The internet is replete with hair growth tips, such as taking biotin and other supplements, applying coconut oil to your scalp and pounding your scalp to increase circulation. Your natural desire to grow hair can wait.

    One of our fundamental hair care recommendations is to use lukewarm water to ensure that your hair feels clean without any side effects. When washing your hair, use a shampoo and conditioner formulated to encourage growth and preserve healthy hair, ensuring that your hair grows organically and not like your mother’s. Consider shampoos that contain natural oils and other moisturizing elements for your scalp and hair.

    Bear in mind that washing your hair and scalp with hot water might strip away healthy oils. Apply the oil and let it on your hair for at least an hour before shampooing (this is why it is the best option for oily hair). To achieve dry hair, use the oil immediately after turning on the conditioner and while your hair is still moist.

    A common cause of dry scalp is washing and rinsing your hair with too hot water. Rinse with lukewarm water rather than spraying your scalp with hot water, which can dry up the hair and produce knots, resulting in hair breakage. Daily, rinse your hair with a combination of warm water and apple cider vinegar.

    Because they deplete the hair of sebum and natural oils in the scalp, inexpensive shampoos can result in split ends, frizz, and dry hair. On the other hand, using a good conditioner during the day (aka co-washing) will help prevent split ends and tangles and not strip hair of its natural oils. It restores the oil lost during the wash and keeps hair hydrated. If you don’t have oil, you may also apply most conditioners when your hair is still damp from the shower to keep it hydrated throughout the day.

    Shampooing your scalp increases oil production and concentrates dead skin cells in your hair. On the other hand, using a low-quality shampoo is not a brilliant idea, particularly if you have long hair or grow it out.

    Because damaged hair does not grow as quickly as healthy hair, it is critical to use a deep conditioner to repair the hair follicles and boost growth.

    If you are unfamiliar with how to care for long hair, there are a few easy steps you can take to minimize damage, such as wearing scarves and umbrellas whenever you go outside in the sun. One of the essential hair care recommendations that is overlooked is the need of applying heat protectant sprays on your hair before utilizing hot products such as hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Daily heat styling is not recommended for long hair since the structure changes (wavy hair against straight hair is the reverse). Therefore it’s critical to apply treatments that cover your hair strands to protect them from heat.

    This becomes complicated since a variety of strange things can happen with long hair, such as shedding or curl retention, and while you cannot prevent damage, there are several measures you can take to care of your hair and reduce breaking and split ends. By following these recommendations, you can reduce damage, keep your long hair looking attractive, glossy, and healthy, and ensure it stays at its ideal length.

    This is one of the most effective hair care methods for maintaining long, healthy hair. Proper scalp care, the use of the appropriate hair products, and a nutrient-dense diet will all contribute to the maintenance of your long hair. Oiling is the most effective method for achieving and maintaining long hair.

    Oiling promotes hair development, eliminates lather and dandruff, dries the scalp, and protects hair from premature greying. Not only does massage with heated oil nourishes the hair, but it also stimulates hair growth by stimulating the scalp. Combing stimulates the nerve endings of the scalp and increases blood circulation, which results in healthier, stronger, and longer-looking hair.

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    Tips To Maintain A Healthy And Positive Relationship With Your Significant Other

    Your partner must have three times the number of good encounters as bad events to maintain a healthy relationship. To maintain a healthy relationship, you must spend time with other individuals. Setting aside time and focusing on the connection, including intimacy and parenting, is critical to a healthy partnership.

    Spending more time with others is also beneficial for your mental health, as it allows you to discuss difficulties with your partner or friends and issues that are straining the relationship. This does not mean you have to be friends with your spouse. Engaging in enjoyable activities together, sharing personal jokes, and venturing beyond your comfort zone can help restore the relationship to a more domestic, everyday reality. While it may seem paradoxical, there is no way to genuinely repair your relationship without separating from your partner.

    Make an effort to help the other person. Focusing on what you and your spouse value in the relationship is one of the most effective strategies to stay connected. By focusing more on your partner’s positive points, you are less likely to argue about trivial matters or feel let down in your relationship.

    Romantic relationships are fraught with ups and downs and need effort, dedication, and openness to adapting and changing alongside your partner. If you’ve been together for an extended period of time, you’ll discover new ways to strengthen your bond and ensure that both of you feel happy, supported, and prepared for the future. Volunteering for a cause, initiative, or community service meaningful to both of you will keep the relationship vibrant and exciting.

    Numerous other facets of a successful relationship are contingent upon your ability to effectively express your wants and intentions to your spouse. The first step in growing your relationship is learning to articulate your thoughts and expectations, listen to your spouse, and share their perspective. In every relationship, learn how to express your love in a way that your spouse will enjoy.

    These small gestures contribute to the development of a relationship and help your spouse feel validated. Maintaining a healthy relationship requires time and work, but certain acts and abilities may help deepen your bond. Another method to mend and strengthen your relationship is to express gratitude for specific characteristics your spouse possesses.

    The following ideas can assist you in preserving the sensation of falling in love and maintaining an excellent romantic relationship. The finest times are frequently classified as “existing.” Unless you are a well-known pair, it’s easy to believe that other couples have more exciting and enjoyable love relationships than you do. This may discourage you from seeking out modest methods to strengthen your connection on a daily basis.

    Whether you are in a relationship, cohabit with a partner, or are married, you should seek strategies to strengthen your relationship. Many scientifically validated ways to improve a relationship work because research on communication and emotions over the last decade has established that healthy relationships do not emerge when we meet our soulmates but evolve as people are willing to change and grow together. According to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, couples who attempt new things have the highest-quality relationships.

    These can vary over the partnership, Orbuch explains. As a result, your partner’s hobbies and passions are likely to have changed during the early years of your relationship.

    Intimate connections bind us not just to our spouses but also to the rest of the world. Acquaint yourself with new information, exchange quotations you’d want to use in your relationship, and look for things to discuss with your spouse. To learn additional ways to connect with your spouse, download our award-winning relationship training app.

    Lindsay Kramer, Marriage and Family Therapist at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, discusses five ideas for nurturing your relationship and demonstrating love to your spouse based on Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages.” She recommends discussing these suggestions with your spouse and determining which ones you value the most. Once you’ve agreed, include these suggestions in your daily routine.

    While conflict is unavoidable in each relationship, what keeps them strong is the desire for individuals to feel heard. It is critical to discuss the causes behind the outburst with your partner calmly.

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    Trying To Spend Less? Here’s How Practicing Mindful Journaling Can Help

    The Mindful Existence Journal refers to a busy life as a “torrent of activity” and invites readers to “get into the flow” and embrace a more serene way of life. Journaling can help you cultivate mindfulness, present-moment awareness, and awareness of your environment. Even if you are not a journalist, writing about your surroundings and the current moment might help you be more attentive throughout the day.

    Journaling is an excellent method to cleanse your mind and reacquaint yourself with your ideas and feelings. It compels you to concentrate on your inner consciousness, to be present at the moment, and to process your sensations. While many stressful events are beyond our control, establishing writing habits may help us better manage our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, allowing us to be greater regardless of what life throws our way. Journaling assists you in organizing your ideas, clearing your mind, assisting you in problem-solving, and gaining perspective.

    Whatever your motivation for cultivating a mindfulness practise, journaling and writing may be an excellent way to increase your presence in daily life. Journaling mindfulness practise may be done in a variety of ways, and if you persist with it, you’ll discover what works best for you.

    A mindfulness notebook is a collection of written prompts or lists that aid in self-awareness. The journal’s challenges are intended to assist you in reconciling with your mindfulness sentiments and to invite you to comprehend the events you are encountering in your life.

    Because handwriting is more deliberate and slower than typing, keeping a personal diary by hand is also a mindfulness activity. Whether digital or print, mindfulness magazines have explicit written guidelines to assist you in writing.

    Others provide a prompt to encourage you to write in your journal. Consider the ideas above for your own thoughts, write them down, and develop a practice of publishing your diary and writing them down.

    If you’re unsure where to begin, get out your diary and jot down any thoughts that occur to you. Begin journaling for five to fifteen minutes and write whatever comes to mind.

    Dedicating time and attention to writing enables journaling to become a conscious activity rather than a particular obstacle. The practice of mindful writing allows you to examine yourself and investigate what you see, how you feel, and what makes you tick—developing the habit of recording your observations in a diary aids in the practice of mindfulness.

    If you’re having difficulty finding inspiration and would like a guide to help you get started, consider one of these mindful journaling prompts. Evenings are ideal for writing a mindfulness diary since they allow you to reflect on your day while relaxing. You do not need to do yoga, meditation, or writing while sleeping to rid your mind of troublesome ideas that keep you awake at night.

    The arduous act of journaling fosters a sense of cognitive processing and fosters an atmosphere of attention and alertness. Having established this, let us consider some instances of how journaling may be utilized to cultivate mindfulness.

    Journalism is a simple method to include mindfulness in addition to other approaches such as meditation. Extensive research on two-group arrangements has demonstrated that individuals who practise mindfulness report higher levels of mindfulness and less depressive symptoms than the control group, independent of the journaling technique employed as an intervention. However, there are many writing formats in their mindfulness treatments, making it impossible to separate the effects of each journaling style individually.

    According to studies, you should write a diary for 10, 15, or 20 minutes a few days in a row, or a few times a week, or once a week if possible. Similarly, you might continue writing on the same subject or switch to another. There are several free writing prompts available online, and some journaling prompts allow for some basic, deliberate thinking, such as making up a random fictitious tale or generating random creative ideas, such as discovering red shoes in the woods and doing something with them. If you are on your own personal path to practice mindfulness, we hope you find this information beneficial, and we will explain how you may do so through the act of journaling.

    Mindful writing can help you reclaim your mental calm, improve your mental health, and make you feel much better. Additionally, mindful journaling can aid in your awareness of emotional triggers and ruminating thinking patterns, which can benefit your meditation practice. Certain journals feature a series of meditations that have been found to aid in the development of a more mindful lifestyle.

    Writing has a unique ability to alter our awareness, and maintaining a diary allows us to experience that shift in an accessible way. Journaling, whether via writing or other kinds of basic self-expression, is an ideal activity to return to from time to time.

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